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FAQ: Where is the Dr Perlmutter, Grain Brain video? (Thank to a reader from Leicester UK the reminder)

Answer: I posted a shortened version, of Dr Mercola interviewing Dr Permutter on  Rethinking Bipolar in Oct 2014:

Low fat diets damage brains #Perlmutter <

It gives a lot of essential information in less than half the time of the full interview. However, please consider this:

For me, taking note of what these two doctors are saying about diet, health and especially brain health has been a huge step in developing resilience to all sorts of disorders. It allows me to say, for sure, I do not have the disorder part of bipolar in me these days.

Like Tom Whootton, I continue to be aware of my moods, especially the higher energy and positive feelings, just that I am free of that disorder. I sleep well. I, at last, have good steady energy levels again. I get lots of good stuff done every day. I get on with friends, family, neighbors and other health professionals. Life is good.

A lot of this goodness is due to doing the sorts of things discussed in this interview. This is why I am adding both a link and a ‘watch here option’ for this 1 hour 18 minutes version. It could be that, like me, you need to know precisely what these doctors are saying about brain health.

If you have concerns about the health of your brain or simply want to be thinking clearer and feeling better, then please watch and listen to all of this and let me know if you decide to include some of the ideas into your life – either using the reply option on this blog or through this contact form.

Mercola and Perlmutter

About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

3 Responses to Grain Brain #grainbrain, #perlmutter, #mercola #bipolar

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  2. I know you are interested in short catchy statements that could be called memes – are you simply saying “EAT FAT / GET THIN?”


    • That is a great meme! I am sure Dr Perlmutter is already using those exact words.

      It has worked for me, although to be more precise, I was already getting thin/skinny on a balanced ‘med-free’ diet. What the Grain Brain style diet has done for me is more like, “EAT FAT / GET LEAN” – This is a totally different feeling from thin/skinny. I still have not managed to put any weight on but it feels so good to have the energy to walk as far as want and to be able to easily run alongside our dog again. So as a meme I prefer “EAT FAT / GET LEAN”. This, like a lot of memes, needs more explanation (e.g. minimize/avoid fried foods as we don’t want to be eating damaged fats). This is what Dr Perlmutter does both in videos and in his Grain Brain book. He makes short catchy statements and then explains in more detail. It is useful to know these things.


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