People in the UK have largely the USA version of bipolar disorder (a diagnosis created in the USA in 1980). We have often heard;

“has always been around” – It is not true.


“is just the same as the old manic depression diagnosis”- Also not true. Why?


“people can be born with bipolar disorder” – Not true. More on genetics

Through Rethinking Bipolar, I am sharing as much as I can of my 16 years studying, writing and teaching about manic depression / bipolar disorder. He’s a few bullet points:

  • It does not have to be for life
  • It does not always have to be treated with drugs
  • It is not a separate illness
  • It is not distinguishable from other forms of emotional distress
  • When we take time to look we usually find physical causes that can be eliminated
  • Eliminating causes can allow a whole new life – you may still feel ‘a bit bipolar’ but now without the disorder part

Help with identifying causes of disorders usually enables recovery and long lasting well-being.

Please read more, watch videos and seek out alternative views. If not convinced that great recoveries are possible please come back here again in a few months as I am keen to share more of what I have learned.

Does the USA need to lead the way? The bipolar diagnosis was created in the USA. The rest of the world has followed. Adopting American style diets and lifestyles has weakened young people’s coping mechanisms leading to more emotional distress. I believe it needs people in the USA regain hope, rethink what is meant by ‘bipolar’ and make the choices necessary to lead the world in eliminating the disorder. I am hoping I can help, although rather isolated from where the highest rates of bipolar are in the USA.

Here are just some of those who have so far been involved, supported, contributed or shared some great ideas to help with Rethinking Bipolar:

Tom Whootton, San Fransisco, USA – author of ‘Bipolar IN Order’:

Sean Blackwell, Canada/Brazil – author of ‘Am I Bipolar or Just Waking Up?’:

Robert Whitaker, USA – author of ‘Mad in America’:

Dr Liz Miller, London, UK – author of: Mood Mapping

Jeremy Thomas who has supported Roger since exchanging our first books at a bipolar conference in 2005…

Becky Shaw co-author (with Roger) of the Advance Statement Workbook and many research articles about emotional disorders, recovery, well-being and developing resilience

Danny Walsh, Lincoln, UK – co-author with Roger of our 2012 Bipolar Disorder handbook

Others who are supporting Rethinking Bipolar include Marian Moore who provided an article and Simon who has been gradually eliminating my typing mistakes and helping it all make sense to those who do not have direct experience of the most extremes of moods and behavior.


6 Responses to UK/USA

  1. Doctor Liz Miller is probably the most authoritive person in the UK in respect of Mood Mapping. Her book of the same name is an excellent read, as are her workshops and her ongoing mental health research. She is a highly publishable writer and her work is regularly featured in FORWARD – a twice a week free mental health news bulletin by email.
    Her contribution to your excellent site would make a valuable difference.
    jonathan ashby
    trustee & senior editor
    a not-for-profit social enterprise


  2. Roger Smith says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    You are absolutely right. Dr Liz Miller is the creator of Mood Mapping. I have been working with Liz in helping more people know about Mood Mapping. My own focus being on how choosing to Mood Map rather than simply plot moods up and down aids recovery after bipolar diagnosis.

    By chance I am meeting with Liz tomorrow (Sunday).



  3. Give her my love and tell her we have connected. I’m so please to discover your work. It’s exceptionally good and well written and I have every intention of using as much of your stuff as possible in future editions of FORWARD. I’ll add you to the free subscription list if you send me your email address

    best wishes
    Jonathan Ashby


  4. Roger Smith says:

    Already receiving FORWARD – Keep up the good work.


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