What we have now is very different from what bipolar replaced. With the old manic depression people mostly got better and returned to a life without drugs#1.

Why are we hearing more and more about Bipolar?

Why has this diagnosis grown so fast?

Why are drug manufacturers making huge profits without offering any kind of cure?

Robert Whitaker and others have revealed that those taking drugs for bipolar as prescribed mostly become less and less well. The USA uses the most modern psychiatric drugs and the most drug per person yet outcomes in USA seem to worse than in countries that use hardly any of these drugs. Outcomes for bipolar diagnosis are now, on average, worse than for schizophrenia#1.

What’s changed?

There are undoubtedly many drivers for more diagnosis. One of these drivers is the money being made from psychiatric drug sales especially as there is little or no help in safely tapering off these drugs. Drug company money goes to promote diagnosis to generate more drug sales.

Yes, there is a lot more wrong in the world beyond excessive use of psychiatric drugs. If we have needed these drugs it will be because a lot of things have been wrong in our lives and we need to eliminate this disorder, if we are wanting to be ‘med-free’.

You can read here about how bipolar is booming or you may want to go straight to what we can do to help after diagnosis and to help those who would rather not be diagnosed. We find it helps to start by recognizing there are many overlapping ‘modern diagnoses’ with similar causes and routes for recovery. Similar lifestyle changes can help whole populations to become more resilient to the these modern disorders.

Our approach starts with and continues to return to the principle of balance (which was the subject of my very first presentation to a group newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder way back in July 2000).

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