No health without mental health

“No health without mental health” is a really catchy slogan that most people seem to grasp quickly. This is a first class article about what this means in the UK at this time, with mental health estimated to be costing £105,000,000,000/year!

Meeting and working with health professionals who know mental health and  physical health are inseparable has opened our eyes to a new way of thinking that is beyond the current “no health without mental health” slogan.

We want to work towards ending the strict segregation of physical health and mental health that delays treatment and excludes many who are labelled as mentally ill from essential National Health Services.

About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

One Response to No health without mental health

  1. Ruth says:

    Interesting reading; also great words-no health without mental health. Don’t like the word slogan but it is so right.


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