After Bipolar – Repairing Your Liver – John Bergman Video

Repairing Your Liver

I love Dr John Bergman’s videos. I have not seen a bad one yet. This one has inspired me to write again on Rethinking Bipolar after a few months away.

John is saying things that I have been sharing with clients. He says it so much better, so much more clearly, in a more entertaining way and has some great slides too.

If you ever had bipolar and took any of those psychiatric drugs that tend to go with bipolar then you are going to want to be repairing your liver as part of getting back to being as fit as you can be.

The doctor explains what you need to do, so where might I come in? I can help you to grasp the root causes of your troubles and support you in quickly eliminating or reducing the most damaging of these causes, allowing you to have better physical and emotional well-being.

Rethinking Health consultations are £50/hour – not cheap at all, so please only contact me if you are serious about getting better.

It is great video – how about setting 30 minutes aside to watch it with friends:

And yes, there is life after bipolar – you mainly need to meet up with people who know this to be true.


About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

2 Responses to After Bipolar – Repairing Your Liver – John Bergman Video

  1. Someone says:

    Have you noticed that today’s “gold standard” treatment recommendations for “bipolar,” which includes combining the antidepressants, antipsychotics, and benzos. Is also a recipe for how to create anticholinergic toxidrome? These are the central symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication syndrome (from “Central symptoms may include memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, hallucinations, psychosis, delirium, hyperactivity, twitching or jerking movements, stereotypy, and seizures.” Absolutely, people can heal from these psychotomimetic symptoms, if they are able to get off the toxic drug cocktails, and survive the drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis.


    • Thank you for your comment.
      Sadly, it seems too many psychiatric drug prescriptions are being written for those diagnosed with bipolar. It is amazing how well the human liver can cope with unnatural chemicals, however, your point about what some call, poly-pharmacy is a good one as there is only so much anyone’s liver can take. As Robert Whitaker has pointed out: Is the damage we are seeing really due to ‘side-effects’ or simply the effects, because these bad outcomes could mostly have been predicted from the known toxicity associated with the psychiatric drugs.

      I have to keep saying that coming off quickly has massive risks and the ideal is to keep talking with medical professionals about very gradual reductions in dose. It took me a while to find professionals who understood enough to be supportive. Coming off all psych drugs took me quite a few years, but well, worth it.


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