Nutrition and Cancer – Dr Gary Fettke #Fettke

Nutrition and Cancer – what has this got to do with bipolar?

Nutrition and Cancer 2016-06-11

Once anyone has one diagnosis they seem to be prone to a whole lot more.

bipolar diagnosis overlaps other diagnoses

There has to be a connection.

I have worked with people with bipolar disorder for 16 years and have noticed a worrying trend. Not only are my friends with bipolar being diagnosed with diabetes and all the usually chronic conditions that go with taking multiple psychiatric drugs for decades, but now they are coming down with cancer too.

The difference between those who are getting better (by this I simply mean, managing on minimum medication and not getting any fresh diagnoses) and those who are getting sicker and dying young is what we are eating and drinking.

The name of a disorder hardly matters when it comes to prevention, management or potential cures.  We have to make better food and drink choices in order to minimise our need for modern medicine. Dr Gary Fettke is talking sense, so please click on the image to hear him speak and to see the slides, in which he condenses many of the key points about avoiding cancer (running time = 23 minutes),

These key points apply whatever illness we want to avoid and that includes avoiding being labelled as having bipolar disorder.

I am going to add a link here to a longer video of Dr Gary Fettke called, ‘Fructose and Fat – Fact or Fashion’ – Part 1 – The Problem

(A lot of experts are not agreeing with Dr Fettke about how much fruit is too much but most of what he is saying, such as, most people needing more vegetables and less processed food, is accepted by every nutritionist.)


About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

2 Responses to Nutrition and Cancer – Dr Gary Fettke #Fettke

  1. Howard Kelly says:

    I was poisoned by lead mercury and aluminium as a child, This played havoc with my immune and nervous systems. i was sensitive to everything in my home and outside environment.
    and i had severe asthma.This was my toxic world. I developed the symptoms of ADD.
    i could not concentrate and had learning difficulties, i never learned how to do joined up writing,punctuation and any thing other than basic maths was a mystery to me. I lived my life in a fog and my own little dream world. The only thing that was ever diagnosed was Asthma.
    I was introverted and quiet. My ADD then developed into Seasonal affective disorder when under stress (bullying) This was misdiagnosed as glandular fever. To make things worse i was raised in an atmosphere of shame and guilt which at the age of 26 made me a co dependent
    over caring over responsible driven workaholic. I spent my time over eating especially when stressed. At some point in time i realised that i felt really well when i didn’t eat.
    in 1990 because of my ability to hyperfocus (add) on what ever interests me i became a very good retail manager which was noticed by the company directors . My boss became very jealous of me because i had a beautiful wife and a nice house and car . He didn’t so he started to bully me. in October i became irritable and started to binge eat on large amounts of carbs
    (white bread) a symptom of SAD.. I put on loads of weight and my blood sugars went crazy.
    I was diagnosed with depression and my doctor thought that i was having a nervous breakdown.
    I was given an anti depressant which made me feel suicidal so i stopped taking it .
    I collapsed into undiagnosed Post traumatic stress and started to sleep for up to 18 hours a day.
    I never realised that i was not getting the very thing i needed Daylight !. when i crawled out of bed I continued to eat bread. it was convenient and it was like i was addicted to it.
    Five years later i slowly recovered and tried to work nights in a factory. I still ate lots of bread and once again i became irritable and driven so i left. I never made the connection with the lack of daylight and neither did my doctor.
    In 2004 i was living in a shared house and a man started to bully me. I did not recognise bullying
    because i am a codependent i sit in the face of anger and rage like a rabbit caught in the headlights and dont stand up for myself. I started to binge eat on lots of bread once more.
    Because of the stress of the repeated bullying by a mentally backward jealous raging man (Aspergers) i was heading for Post traumatic stress once more. When October came i became irritable whilst eating lots of bread and tried to stop the bullying. My doctor referred me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed Bi polar disorder. After the diagnosis i researched bipolar and thought that there had been a mistake. I thought that i had diabetes but my doctor told me to go home as i was just imagining things as i was Bipolar. He became annoyed with me when i pressed him to do the test. I was right and he apologized. I then told him that i was going to see a nutritionist and he. once again got annoyed saying that he was the one with the medical training and that i was wasting my money. He said that he had done all the tests !.
    The childhood heavy metal poisoning was discovered which was removed by chelation and i was found to be intolerant of bread yeast, sugar, tomatoes and cheese. I then crashed into a deep depression and undiagnosed Post traumatic stress once more. sleeping again for 18 hours a day not getting my daylight and still eat bread. This was a sign of how ill i was.This time my depression lasted 11 years. I was always a bit better in summers than winters.
    but i had felt so well in earlier times when in the sunlight or on holiday. This effect was now gone. Why ? The bread yeast and sugar had been feeding a condition called systemic candidiasis which affects the body and the mind and was the cause of my lifelong Asthma.
    Systemic Candidiasis affects those with a lowered immune system. By research i had discovered all of this by myself. In 2014, 20i5 and 2016 i was taking large doses of vitamin D and spent time in sunny Spain in October with positive results. But was still sleeping long hours and was still in a deteriorating mentally confused state and fog. I wanted to try an anti depressant but my doctor refused. I found a natural anti depressant online SAM-e 400g
    and took it for ten days. I went hypomanic and was exhausted as i had so much energy.
    When i stopped taking it all my sleep patterns were back to normal (7 Hours a night) and i had some energy and my mind was a lot clearer. I remembered the food intolerance tests and stopped eating bread. I looked at my other symptoms. ( Asthma itchy anus, athletes foot, dry skin, psoriasis, chronic dandruff, sweet smelling perspiration in my groins. and many more so i looked for a condition with those symptoms and found systemic candidiasis. I had been sleeping for many hours in a dark warm place which had been the perfect breeding ground for my yeast overgrowth. I had been taking advice for bipolar (dark therapy) but this was the exact opposite of what i needed (daylight)
    I stopped eating the three main foods which cause intolerance ( wheat (grains) dairy and sugar) and went on a candida diet and detox .My yeast infection had caused all my gums to recede and bleed so i had all my teeth removed. BINGO ! My mercury amalgam fillings were also gone !.
    Suddenly i could concentrate and read a book like never before, . words that i had heard throughout life were suddenly available to me in speech and written word. It was like a modern day miracle had happened. It was like i had had a personality., vocabulary,and intelligence trans plant. I was so excited ! Finally cured at the age of 58 Hooray !.
    Excitedly i told my doctor. what was about to happen i did not see coming.
    when you detox from candida the. yeast dies and causes die off, you get serious food intolerances as you stomach is stripped bare, you also get chronic constipation.
    My doctor probably fearing a huge misdiagnosis claim discredited everything i told him.
    I showed him the food intolerance test results and the heavy metal test results and he said that they were unreliable. He then told me that all my mental health records had been lost.
    He denied the existence of Candida. He lied and obstructed me and pressurised me.
    Being co dependent i let people walk all over me, it was now October and my mind was becoming unhinged due to my SAD symptoms. I stupidly wrote him a letter as he was in a complete and utter mess probably having been instructed to stop me at all costs.
    The reputation of their expert psychiatrist would not look good.
    My doctor laughed at me and told me that i allowed people to walk all over me .
    He then told me to keep my mouth shut about what had happened and to go away and get on with my life. I had told him that i was not interested in making a claim for compensation for misdiagnosis. All i wanted was treatment for my severe stomach pains and chronic constipation.
    He told me that he could not treat a condition that did not exist !. I have an NHS print out from the internet that clearly states that systemic candida is caused by a lowered immune system.
    Each time i got severely stressed my immune system would collapse and i would become chemically sensitive., Read the books Gut and psychology syndrome, Eat a low simple carb diet
    get a food intolerance test, and cut out all grains dairy and sugar. Replace sugar with stevia a natural plant extract. If you have diabetes eat lots of cinnamon. Eat lots of vegetables and fish and olive oil. Avoid cakes and pastries.

    Live well and prosper !.

    I have just discovered Roger A Smith and he talks a lot of sense !


    • Thank you for your detailed response. You’ve had a hard time with your doctor(s) and done well in your ongoing search for answers. From what you have found out and from what you are now able to recommend it sounds like you are on a better path now.

      Possibly the thing that is going to be most useful for you, in the longer term, is your cutting back on refined carbohydrates and added sugar. I know this can be a long battle but it does pay off. As you have worked out this is just one of so many changes that are needed after simply doing what seemed right that perhaps now turns out to have been doing just what big business wanted us to do.

      I appreciate the ADD was a long time ago but I will mention a book I read about a year ago and may review sometime on this site. It is ‘No More ADHD’ by Dr Mary Ann Block. ( ) If you do look into this I think you will find it reassuring. Dr Block has a fairly strong focus on improving nutrition and even suggests ADHD could simply stand for “A Demand for a Healthy Diet” as it seems every sufferer gets quite a bit better with dietary improvements.

      When things are tough remember you are not alone in these struggles to be well in a world that is rather too focused on diagnosis and medication.


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