A New Driver for Bipolar Disorder… Mat Hancokc on BBC Parliament Channel. From Calm to Anxious in 5 minutes!

A few days ago an article appeared on the BBC website saying that the ‘jab’ needs to be given to pregnant women. I was shocked and along with hundreds of others expressed my opinions about the likely damage. Not just likely damage but certain damage. Why certain? One way to consider the damage is by considering the damage to each cell infected by RNA from the jab. It is not just the mRNA varieties (Pfizer and Moderna) but also the more traditional (AZ and Sputnik types) that put non-human RNA inside our cells.

As the non-human RNA does its work inside a cell, that cell increasingly stands out from the healthy, non-infected cells around it (Note: No jab is ever likely to infect all 30 trillion cells of a human body). The immune system ‘fires up’ against the spike protein; that is being manufactured, starting to protrude from and being released from the infected cells. Initially the immune system is mainly dealing with the spike protein, urgently working to stop this sticky substance from causing clots.

A healthy immune system will minimize clotting, with no strokes, no eye-damage, no paralyses… Most people now have compromised immunity. This can be due to low blood levels of vitamins needed for strong immunity, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D. All these vitamins being lowered by anxiety/fear, as well as most ‘eat-out-to-help-out’ options!)

A poor immune system may not deal with the build up of spike protein quickly enough to avoid permanent harm or even death.

If the initial onslaught is survived (and of course most people do not die within a few days of any well-tested ‘jab’) the immune system will increasingly turn its attention to the human cells that have been infected. Sometimes the immune system kind of ‘uses a sledge hammer to crack a nut’ showing no leniency and taking no chances. Every cell that has been infected, is producing what appears (to the immune system) to be dangerous spike protein and so gets attack in massive battles (massive compared with picking off little bits of spike protein in the blood). Inflammation ensues which may or may not be noticed causing pain, such as aching arm and headache.

With years and years of testing, the amount to be injected can be tailored to avoid excessive damage, meaning avoiding extensive loss of what was healthy you.

But, in reality does a 140kg 30 year old body builder get the same volume of ‘jab’ as a 45kg frail 90 year old? (I apologize here for not checking this out before publishing). My point being that the person with more muscle can probably afford to lose more healthy cells and a younger person probably be able to replace most of the lost cells over the next few months.

Back to what this article is about: PREGNANCY and do the BBC and the health secretary have the knowledge and the right to say experimental jabs are safe, with no scientific evidence? Clearly, no they do not.

I’d had an okay middle part of my day, digging alone at an allotment, coping with ongoing lockdown and isolation. I rarely look at the BBC Parliament channel, but did when home. As I flicked through from BBC News (Channel 231) to Sky News (Channel 233) there he was, standing in parliament saying, “All pregnant women need to have the jab.”, “The jab is completely safe for pregnant women.” and “Pregnant women should go as soon as they are called and not hesitate.” Now, I may be slightly misquoting so please feel free to check on the BBC website (Approx. 4pm on 19th April 2021).

Can it be safe?

I’ll summarize what I said above… The immune system turns on, attacks and destroys human cells that have been infected by RNA from the jab, regardless of whether that is RNA made in a laboratory or from a chimpanzee adenovirus.

Looking at the ingredients lists for various vaccines, I believe all contain an emulsifier or something similar, (E.g. PEG = Poly Ethylene Glycol) that will take the RNA to places it would not normally reach. It would seem that these take the non-human-RNA through the blood-brain barrier (making strokes more likely) and presumably through the placenta and into the unborn baby’s brain. At this point, I need to say, I do not know for sure. I have not seen anything from the manufacturers saying they have proved this does not happen, but does it? Would you want to take that chance that a substance will be injected and damage a baby’s brain?

Why did hearing that make me anxious? It is because I felt it was up to me to do something about it. This is a trait I have that I say about in my first book, ‘Stop Paddling / Start Sailing’. Many people are able to ‘bury their head in the sand’. There are all those people working at vaccination centres, who are not looking at the adverse reaction reports. For me, when I believe something is not right I get anxious then I either do little and stay anxious or I get busy and the anxiety eases. The anxiety about baby’s being harmed by experiments used up so much energy that I went to bed from 6pm to 7pm, then walked to a friend’s house to tell them what I had heard. I returned with less anxiety, having turned that anxiety into anger. It is the energy of that anger that I have used to hastily type all of this.

How much damage is being done by the jabs? Please click to see if this petition is still live and, if so, please sign it: https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-covid-vaccine-related-deaths-within-28-days-of-receiving-vaccine

Just supposing the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right and the main purpose of the jabs is to make those who have shares in jab manufacturers wealthier? With the UK govt promising not to prosecute even if people are being killed by jabs, it sure is a way to make money without any apparent risk… unless stopped through alerting more people to the possibility that this is a form of genocide.

Genocide? If more healthy people are dying soon after having a jab than there have been sick people dying of viral infections before the jabs… Unless the health secretary agrees to release the numbers we cannot know.

As I said in my previous blog-post the possibility that a new genocide is just starting is frightening and not to be ignored.

About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

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