Heal Your Brain from Bipolar/Depressive Disorders – Dr John Bergman Video

I found it difficult to accept that my gut health was such a huge factor in determining my moods. For years I did not believe anyone could eliminate mood disorder from their lives. I was wrong. Bipolar disorder is not a specific illness. It is more a set of symptoms, many of which are driven by or made worse through having damaged guts as Dr Bergman explains in the video below.

The USA is way ahead of the rest of the world with far more bipolar disorder and moreĀ use of psychiatric drugs to maintain the disorder. On the plus side there are more experts in the USA who understand healing processes and especially the part gut health plays in disorders and cures.

If you find full recovery difficult to believe that is understandable because it so different from the common message of life-long disorder. As I have said before, it is the people who believe recovery is possible who are able to recover. Please keep an open mind and believe things can be a lot better.

Eliminating bipolar disorder involves making lifestyle changes, which in my experience always includes improving our gut health by changing what we put in our mouths. There is of course more to eliminating mood disorders than Dr Bergman can cover in a 47 minute talk, but knowing more about how our guts affect our moods is a great place to start.

I work in the UK meeting people who have been told they have incurable disorders such as diabetes, hypothyroid, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression and of course bipolar disorder. I can provide one-to-one help based on my own experiences. If you need to eliminate a health disorder and are prepared to make the necessary changes then ask me about one-to-one help or a training course. The group training I provide throughout the UK includes; Food and Mood, Natural Nutrition and Overcoming Mood Disorders. I can be contacted through: www.wraptraining.co.uk

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