New Bipolar Disorder handbook Published 2012

Bipolar Disorder handbook – Pavilion Publishing 2012bipolar disorder book

Danny Walsh and I started writing our book about bipolar disorder and how people with the diagnosis can best be supported about five years ago. It has at last been published!

The views in the book are kind of steadier and fit in more with current practice than you might expect if you are a regular reader of this blog. There again we feel confident it is the most up to date chunky book on bipolar, so if you need to know a lot about bipolar for your job or because you are living with someone with the diagnosis then it is going to be worth having a copy.

I am not saying this for financial gain as Danny and I have been paid a lump sum for creating the book, so there are no royalties from increasing sales. I am simply letting you know that this book exists and can be purchased through:

Pavilion Publishing

 ISBN: 9781908066152

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