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I just listened to Monica Cassini being interviewed on the radio. I am keen to share what she says.

Listen here to: Beyond Meds-Alternative to Psychiatry by The Wellness Journey

Monica Cassini

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Monica says a bit about how she needed to learn to live without psychiatric drugs. However, it is the other things Monica says about her recovery that I am hoping you will be able to listen to and think through.

Monica talks about  sorting out digestive problems (IBS), avoiding foods we are intolerant to, which for many is grains and especially wheat gluten, yoga and doing things like dancing when we have the energy to do so.

For me, Monica’s story is a familiar one. This is what I see in just about everyone who has been through the psychiatric system and is now well. It is recognizing our health (and moods) are dependent on good gut health and activity, such as walking, yoga or similar.

Neither Monica nor I are saying that is everything, it is just that digestion and movement are so often under-estimated by professionals and so often not seen as so important by ourselves when we are at our lowest.

Listen here to: Beyond Meds-Alternative to Psychiatry by The Wellness Journey


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