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Long-term Use of Lithium Can Cause Kidney Failure

Lithium damaging the kidneys is not new news. I just feel I need to share this link because the article is up to date and gives this important fact in plain English.

If you are taking lithium carbonate please check that your doctor understands it is not ideal to stay on the same dose year-after-year. Be sure to have a plan to be on a lower dose. Lower doses are much safer for your kidneys, heart and other organs than the standard doses.

Next: Ask your doctor how they believe the lithium may be benefiting you and if it is being used to counteract some mineral imbalance. See what your doctor knows about mineral imbalances then search the internet to find out a lot more about digesting good levels of all the minerals that are closely related to lithium, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

One further thought: You need plenty of stomach acid to be able to absorb calcium from food or supplements, so if your doctor is giving you lithium then it will be worth you knowing more about stomach acid.



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