Training ourselves to be less bipolar #KitJohnson

I’m plenty old enough to remember Bob Geldof and the Boom Town Rats in their prime and so was especially attracted to this article from Kit Johnson. His explanation of how brains work… it seems very believable to me. And besides, does it matter if his theory cannot be proved. The fact that what he says works makes it well worth repeating. Have a read…

If you are wondering where the idea of ‘the silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload‘ comes from – here is a link to wiki…

UK Number One single 28 July 1979 – 24 August 1979

Too much bipolar

Too much bipolar?

I’m not saying whether this post from ‘Bipolar Comic’ Kit Johnson is funny or not – I just think it is an interesting discussion of the idea that there could be far too many people saying they are bipolar without necessarily having had the kind of extreme symptoms normally associated with a bipolar diagnosis.

Link to Kit’s 24th August 2012 blog:

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