Lithium Orotate – response to two readers on similar paths

I think lithium may be a side-issue and providing we are not taking toxic levels then maybe it has no more effect on mood than copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium etc.

Well, probably far less effect mg for mg, as all the ones I  mention above are essential nutrients and their effects-according-to-intake are well studied and well understood.

E.g. Low zinc with high copper can make psychosis far more likely/far more disturbing, while low magnesium has long been associated with depression and is recognized as one of the top causes of depression for those eating ‘S.A.D.’ foods.

Yes, lithium is a very unusual element, but outside of bipolar and a little off-label prescribing no one is really using it or talking about it. It was banned decades ago for use for physical health because it was greatly increasing heart attack risks.

I think you both may be better to stick with your plans to come down gradually.

Incidentally, do you remember days when you forgot to take lithium the night before – how did you feel on those days? I think this is important information but do not allow whatever those feelings are to influence your current steady reduction route.

When reducing your reliance on lithium or any psychiatric drug then having a plan that your doctor agrees with is extremely valuable. Stick with it. You are both looking fitter and sounding better than when we first met.


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