Causes of mood disorder and advice that works – Avoiding: #bipolar #schizophrenia

When we start to understand the causes of our troubles we have a better chance of doing things that make these troubles less likely or not so damaging.

If we are going to get to grips with our mood we need to know what causes shifts in mood.

  • Unpleasant high energy states that can give rise to being labelled with schizophrenia seem to come from in trauma and abuse. Trauma and abuse comes in many forms and can happen in any period of our lives.
  • Pleasant high energy states (described as mania) often happen as we realize possibilities for positive change. The root of this can be an overwhelming desire to escape from a lifestyle we feel we have been forced into.
  • Exhaustion often follows on from high energy states and this is often labeled as depression.

The extent and duration of mood problems seems always to be linked to food, drink and drugs. In fact how the problems proceed is always affected by what we do with our mouths. Do we take tablets to try to make the troubles go away? Do we drink loads of coffee to stay awake to try to solve whatever is bugging us? Some options prolong the troubles and in themselves become the cause of further mood disorder.

One person’s thoughts on a way forward:

1. Good nutrition is the key to good health. This is true for mood management too. Eating good food usually helps when we are choosing the moods we want or need to have to stay well.

2. Examining our past can help with understanding. Dwelling too much on the past can be unhelpful. A quick look back every so often may help with avoiding future troubles.

3. During troubled moods we may think too much about the past and the future. The reality is whatever is happening in the ‘here and now’ will be having the greatest influence on your mood today.

4. Recognizing you are not in a mood that is good for you and quickly changing it is a skill. It takes time to learn what works for you. We each need a unique toolbox of ways to stay well. I have needed to keep learning these ways to wellness by watching and listening to those who have been through this recovery process before me. When I have been well enough I have read and learnt a lot that way.

5. There are times when whatever we do does not seem to get us out of the mood we are in. Even I still get ‘stuck in a rut’ from time to time. The thing to remember here is that what you do today is going to have a big influence on your mood tomorrow. For example: A home cooked meal from fresh ingredients today may just give you the nutrition you need to think more clearly tomorrow.


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