Public Health Collaboration – Tackling the Causes to Improve Everyone’s Well-being

Tomorrow = Saturday 7th March 2020 will be my first full day in my role as an ambassador for the charity, Public Health Collaboration (PHC).

On Wednesday 11th March I will be making my first presentations to NHS staff, explaining how PHC can help with improving the health of patients while saving money at their surgery.

These are exciting times, now that the causes of so many diseases (and ‘dis-eases’) have become better understood, because eliminating the causes so often eliminates the suffering.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse or member of the public, if you are prepared for big changes, to get well and stay well, then I believe I/we can help you.

PHC Resources:

To contact a local PHC ambassador (UK only) visit:

If you can find Grantham on the map, you can click there to get my email address.


Little by little psychiatrists are giving in to the pressure to reveal the truth about psychiatric drugs. Which drugs have never shown any benefit? Which drugs cause long-term irreversible damage? This information has been published and it seems it is being suppressed.

Have a look at what: Jonathan Leo, Ph.D. (Professor of Neuroanatomy) and Jeffrey Lacasse, Ph.D. posted on line yesterday (23rd January 2012) – Psychiatry’s Grand Confession

There is a long way to go in the UK where it is likely 98% of NHS psychiatrists still favour hiding the truth from patients and relatives.

Does your GP know that psychiatrist explain a ‘model’ to patients even though it is contrary to the scientific facts. Please pass on articles like this to your doctor.  Thank you.

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