It is time to stop describing curable as incurable – Suzanne Beachy’s words as relevant as ever

Three years ago I published ‘People with Hope Recover After a Bipolar Diagnosis‘ on I mentioned Suzanne Beachy and put a link to her TED Talk video – What’s Next For The Truth.

I am saddened because, even in 2015, the mental illness system continues to take hope away, as emotional distress continues to be labelled and described as incurable.

A reader of rethinkingbipolar recently suggested I take a fresh look at my People with Hope… article and this led to Suzanne Beachy contacting me and me reading Tale of Two Cousins on

Now, even if you watched What’s Next For The Truth three years ago, you may, like me, find it worth watching all 20 minutes of it again.

Throughout my life I have rarely ‘lost’ hope, but I have had it temporarily taken away by people who I believed to be experts. I have been fortunate in that hope has always quickly returned to me and I have always recovered well. Tragedies happen when more vulnerable people have their hope taken away. It really is time for psychiatry to make some big changes and focus on finding out why people are struggling and help with understanding, reducing and perhaps eliminating some of the causes of their/our distress.

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