Causes of Emotional Distress – Richard Bentall’s work on-line

The Social Origins of Psychosis

Many of the presentations from the Soteria Network Conference, Derby, UK are now available on-line.

I would like to draw your attention to these slide based on 763 research reports from around the world on the causes of psychosis: The Social Origins of Psychosis from Richard Bentall and his team at Liverpool University.

Click on the link and then click on Richard Bentall – Be aware that the slides can take a minute or so to load – it is well worth the wait.

It appears that emotional distress and hence what is known as mental illness is due to what happens to us, and so far as anyone can tell there is no direct link to our genes.

This probably comes as no surprise if you have been bullied and abused.

Prof Bentall – rethinking the causes of emotional distress

At the Soteria Network conference – Derby 2011, Prof Richard Bentall was the last speaker. Unusually for a conference people were not sneaking out one by one to catch trains home. Prof Bentall was brilliant! He knows his stuff.

I have noticed this article of his is being circulated on the internet. Re-reading it, I can see why. Even if you have read this before it is worth sparing 5 minutes. It is just 1,000 words and yet says so much.

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