Some benefits to having extremes of mood #bipolar #bipolarhope

Thoughts on work at  Lancaster’s (Bipolar) Spectrum Centre, UK

Bipolar ‘disorder’ has to be one of the most fascinating disorders ever described. It is difficult to think of any other disorder where such a high proportion of those diagnosed are so keen to keep the label. This perhaps is less surprising when we consider that to stop being seen as bipolar we may need to:

  • be a lot less energetic,
  • work less,
  • sleep more,
  • be less creative
  • and most likely put on extra weight

– none of these things especially appeal to me.

When active we can all tend to over-estimate just how productive and creative we can be. To understand the true picture some rigorous level-headed research is needed. Yesterday the spectrum centre shared news of such a study. Here is an extract:

“It is really important that we learn more about the positives of bipolar as focusing only on negative aspects paints a very biased picture that perpetuates the view of bipolar as a wholly negative experience. If we fail to explore the positives of bipolar we also fail to understand the ambivalence of some people towards treatment.”

It is just 730 words so well worth a read…

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