Emotional distress causes psychosis – www.wellnesswordworks.com

I have just read this page and watched a short video on it…


People who study causes of mental distress know it is events/things that cause it.

Businesses who thrive on telling us that it is genetic illness have had louder voices. Maybe Blogs and Twitter are now allowing us to get the word out there.

Blogs and Twitter may not be good for the big drug companies but are definitely good for anyone who reads this page at wellnesswordworks and then avoids being diagnosed and medicated. Mostly it’s not more medication that people need.

Quality listening helps a lot more than most people realise.

About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

3 Responses to Emotional distress causes psychosis – www.wellnesswordworks.com

  1. judithhaire says:

    Thank you. It’s the last sentence that’s resonated with me. Had I been listened to as a teenager and not simply medicated and labelled a psychiatric case things could have well been different for me. I’ve been saying that my psychotic episodes have been caused by childhood and adult trauma and emotional distress but my voice gets drowned out by so called experts,including some in my birth family who dismiss it as being down to my genes. There’s nothing wrong with my genes I was born sane into a dysfunctional family and there’s where the problems began.


  2. Roger Smith says:

    Hi Judith, Thank you for your comment. I have just noticed the link in the title was faulty. I have corrected this. The one in the body of the post was correct though, so hopefully no harm done there.


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