Bipolar, Migraines and Ginger

I am fortunate to have only had one severe migraine in my whole life. That was after eating a huge quantity of Brazil nuts on a train journey and then having extreme suffering right through to the next morning.

I know nothing of any link between migraines and bipolar disorder but do hope you’ll watch this short video as I feel it says so much about how ‘modern’ medicine looks to sell drugs rather than look for simpler solutions.

Whatever ailment, disorder, disease, dis-ease we experience, let us look to natural remedies and minimize the use of pharmaceuticals. As always, I need to immediately add that everyone needs to take great care and get appropriate advice when coming off pharmaceuticals that are addictive and often have severe mood altering withdrawal effects.

The video is just 3m 29s

Censorship may prolong bipolar suffering

A few years ago I only knew a few people with a bipolar diagnosis who were living well without medication.

big pharma censorship

censorship by big pharma?

Access to good recovery training and explanations of the effects of the various medications have changed so much for so many. Increasingly I am meeting people who, like me, were diagnosed and told to stay on medication for life and then found that it was possible to responsibly come of the medication and stay well.

This week, I met a newly diagnosed person with a forward-thinking-psychiatrist who showed a list of medications, what they were said to do and the side-effects for each. They asked the patient which they thought would be best for slowing their thinking and making them sleep more during the night. The patient selected one and although they told me it was giving some horrible side-effects such as blurred vision, they were happy with their choice. They felt it better than one of the antipsychotics known to cause permanent brain damage.

Censorship? If the censorship laws being considered today go through, will this lead to more restrictive laws in the future that will stop us talking about bipolar recovery. Big business supports the medical model, which says that recovery is not possible. They say that we are sick people who cannot learn from our mistakes. They say that our emotions (that cause us to write about these things) have to be kept under control by medication.

The trend is for more people who have discovered they were not mentally ill after all to come on-line and talk about their horrendous  experiences on drugs. This is beginning to threaten all the big drug companies and their share prices/value on the stock market. Yes, what we are doing is starting to unsettle and is likely to make the global economy more unstable. This is a shame.

It has to be said though. The only alternative is greater censorship and increased use of drugs to stop people talking.

Emotional distress causes psychosis –

I have just read this page and watched a short video on it…

People who study causes of mental distress know it is events/things that cause it.

Businesses who thrive on telling us that it is genetic illness have had louder voices. Maybe Blogs and Twitter are now allowing us to get the word out there.

Blogs and Twitter may not be good for the big drug companies but are definitely good for anyone who reads this page at wellnesswordworks and then avoids being diagnosed and medicated. Mostly it’s not more medication that people need.

Quality listening helps a lot more than most people realise.

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