When a diagnosis is not diagnostic #bipolarlabel #bipolarlabel

Full recovery means different things to different people. It used to be about returning to the sorts of things you used to do before diagnosis.

I was thinking of full recovery as having an expert say that you never had the disorder and having the damaging diagnosis removed. Well, I have met with experts who agree that I was suffering from extreme anxiety and not bipolar. Unfortunately there is still no system in the UK for removing psychiatric labels.

Here, Dennis Dodson of  Tennessee. explains how he has achieved recovery, not through psychiatry, but by starting with the dictionary! He explains that we were not really diagnosed at all, as diagnosis involves, “investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem”, and “the art or act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms”.

I agree. No psychiatrist ever made an effort to find out what was wrong with me or what caused my troubles. So that means I was simply labelled and not diagnosed.

Read what happened to Dennis…


About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

3 Responses to When a diagnosis is not diagnostic #bipolarlabel #bipolarlabel

  1. Dennis Dodson says:

    Excellent commentary. I like realistic approaches to solving problems. I believe the “industry” of psychiatry in America is now 97% about the pharmaceuticals and the sales reps have more input into what a suffering person is prescribed than the psychiatrists. Psychiatrists should be ashamed of what they have become. They don’t fix people….they medicate them and make their living “managing” symptoms. I eliminated my symptoms. If we depended on psychiatrists to diagnose and repair our cars….We’d all be walking.


  2. Ruth says:

    Interesting point.I will read the link you sent…


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