Gluten and dairy intolerance make mood difficulties worse

Gluten and dairy intolerance make mood difficulties worse

I have just read an article published by Mary Lochner in the Anchorage Press News

This article matches up with the sort of thing I find working with people diagnosed with mood problems.

Very often it is food related, but so often doctors fail to consider this possibility and simply label people as bipolar rather than investigating possible dietary solutions.

Increasingly one of the culprit foods is gluten. It is difficult to be sure as tests do not always find the problem. Also it often seems that after taking psychiatric drugs people become more dairy (cow) and gluten (usually from wheat and barley) intolerant.

These often go together in the general population, just it seems they go together even more for people who have been through a lot of stress.

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Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

One Response to Gluten and dairy intolerance make mood difficulties worse

  1. wrapengland says:

    My mum suffered extreme mood swings until she changed to a dairy and gluten free diet. I suffered mood swings all my life and accessed mental health services. In 2012 my physical health deteriorated and I was in hospital many weeks. I asked if this may be a gluten and dairy intolerance like my mum. Most of the doctors and nurses thought it unlikely. In the end I insisted on a dairy and gluten free diet. I am no longer being sick, my stomach feels 100 times better and my moods are more stable. As a result of being so sick for so long and lack of day light whilst unwell I now also had a low vitamin D level also not addressed by the health system. Once I addressed this my moods are now even more stable although I experience the everyday ups and downs of life’s stressors. Although I had experienced bowl problems for many years not one of the health professionals I encountered even considered a dietary/nutritional cause even though it had run in my family.


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