Three dimensional movement – #notjustbipolar – including a great video from Lisa Huck

What is 3D movement all about?

Whether or not we believe we have a mood disorder, depression, bipolar or any kind of disorder, the way our lives ‘pan out’ will depend so much on how we choose to look after our bodies. In some ways, ‘When we look after our body, then our; brain, mind, emotions, feelings and so on can all heal and we can make great progress with what we most want to be doing.’

I found the 15 minute video below on Dr Mercola’s site this morning and I am sharing this freely and as widely as possible.

In the video, Lisa Huck delivers amazing/useful information with a great combination of audio and visual.

If you are sitting, I suggest you stand, if you can, and move as you watch and listen to Lisa Huck of ThriveFNL.

Lisa explains things about our bones and muscles that I believe need to be taught in every school. It matches so well how I have been thinking just that I do not have the training and skills demonstrated by Lisa Huck… Fifteen minutes of brilliance:

About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

6 Responses to Three dimensional movement – #notjustbipolar – including a great video from Lisa Huck

  1. John Platts says:

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this Roger, I had seen it on Mercola but hadn’t watched it until you commented on it.

    The video: very good, upbeat and no nonsense about bed-rest, drugs or operations. I was moving as I watched it and it felt really good, I will try to move like that every day from now on. Honest – well maybe, if I remember – have I told you about how bad my memory is? I can’t recall.

    Thanks too to Lisa, if you read this.


    • Thanks John. I just had a very enthusiastic email from Lisa Huck and another from another friend who is saying this video has inspired them to get back into doing daily exercises. All nice and positive.


  2. simonbambury says:

    Going to the mall today. Going to buy a pair of exercise mats thanks to this expert advice.


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  4. Pingback: Does eating butter make you happier? #LCHF #16:8 | Rethinking Bipolar

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