Thoughts on Zoe Harcombe’s ‘Food to help you live longer’ article

I have just read a recent article from Dr. Zoe Harcombe.

Zoë Harcombe

I am fan of Zoe’s work.

I do wonder though how this stacks up with real life experiences of people who are able to do veganism in an informed and sustainable way. Vegans who ‘do it right’ seem to be exceptionally healthy.

Information such as ‘no retinol in plants’ rarely get any consideration, yet should not be forgotten if people are struggling with veganism.

Some experts seem to have moved on, by considering whether some nutrients that traditionally have been thought of as only coming from animal foods (such as vitamin B12) could be supplied by a healthy mix of healthy gut bacteria.

Even so, I believe Zoe is making some very valid points that make sense when I consider how many people fail, health-wise, when they say they are adopting a vegan diet, while selecting the equivalent of vegan donuts! [not a good idea]

! ! ! vegan donuts ! ! !

For people determined to never eat anything from an animal ever again it is worth seeking good advice and (as for anyone) never stop learning about nutrition.

To read Zoe’s article please paste link this in your browser:

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Zoe Harcombe’s ‘Food to help you live longer’ article

  1. I agree that it’s very important for vegans to learn about nutrition and not be “junk food vegans.” It’s also important for pretty much everyone else to learn about nutrition as well.

    However, Dr. Harcombe’s article – – contains some errors.

    She writes “complete protein only comes from animal foods.” But quinoa, a grain-like seed, is a complete protein. So are black beans and pumpkin seeds. Those are just some of the examples.

    There are other issues with her piece as well.


    • Hi Douglas, Thank you. You make good points. Quinoa can be a great source of protein. Perhaps the key thing , regarding protein, for people who are strictly vegan is not too rely too much on any one type of food. Patrick Holford does a very good job in describing the combing of foods to achieve ‘complete’ protein, with beans and rice being a great example from his ‘Optimum Nutrition Bible’. I believe that Zoe has done what I know I do myself sometimes and over-simplified.


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