Denying Your Feelings – Stop Denying Them!

I have tidied up and pasted an email response I have made just now to a very good friend,

Thank you for sharing from: DailyOM <>, Date: 13 Apr 2021 09:58 Subject: Denying Your Feelings)

I am struggling to read even the 3 paragraphs, while feeling so much pressure to be helping people wake up to the harm being done by experimental jabs (for the sake of massive financial gains by a tiny minority).

I note and will comment on some ideas from the article you have forwarded…

“We may let our feelings out in an immediate and visceral way,”

– Not new, yet this is something I have to get it into my head. This could well be why I find getting dressed before about 9am seems impossible most mornings (currently 8:15am), yet after some horrible noisy crying in the bathroom I am able to behave more like a healthy adult.

Having my ‘ex’ in hospital, likely for many weeks, and seeming unable to visit is ‘doing my head in’ – especially as the logic most people use is more like… “Move on, she’s an ‘ex’. ” – Okay, that is just my latest ‘story’.

the emotions you deny could morph into unconscious anger or self-hatred.”

– They have!

“Expressing your thoughts to friends or family can be helpful.”

– Yes, used to be something easy to do when sharing a home. I need to adapt/change now to a strange ‘new normal’.

“Give whatever you are feeling simple words…”

– Even just realising I am not now at rock-bottom may be useful for me.

“…funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores.”

– Yes, I used to do a lot of this – it works.

“…speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a healing release.”

– I need to swallow pride or whatever stops me talking to self.

“Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy.”

– A new idea to me. And yes, the world situation seems so bad that I have almost certainly, unconsciously suppressed ‘positive’ feelings.

Thank you for sending me this article.


About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

One Response to Denying Your Feelings – Stop Denying Them!

  1. Graham Smith says:

    Is fear a form of psychosis?

    There are two forms of fear around covid. There is the fear of covid itself and there is the fear of breaking the covid laws. The latter fear is more apparent I reckon because the covid laws are ‘new’, so unlike, say speeding, people are not familiar, so ‘comfortable’ with breaking the laws.

    The fear of covid is instilled in those people who watch and read main stream media only.

    There is also a mix of the two. It’s interesting watching people wrestle with their conflicting feelings on fearing covid vs breaking the law. A hesitancy in certain situations like meeting people has emerged where, like in the Handmaid’s Tale they eye each other up then the mop flops one way or the other over a hug, going indoors and so on.

    Like you Roger, I research, listening to different sides of this Covid debacle. Researching the govt side here in the UK is somewhat problematic because rarely is any hard data put against its latest ‘crazy ideas’. Even when it tries to back up its ideas with data, the data is presented in a misleading way, usually without perspective as we found when Witty was called out immediately by Prof Heneghan in October. Ironically, it was one of the few times the govt attempted to show ‘hard data’.

    Boris Johnson said yesterday …….vaccines are saving thousands of lives’. I will be challenging his statement later, asking for his proof. If I receive a reply it will undoubtedly include the lovely graph of cases and deaths rolling over. What it won’t include are graphs of other similar countries with little vaccination, showing the same shape graphs. An almost perfect controlled trial is North Dakota vs South Dakota. Totally different approaches to covid, virtually identical results in all cause mortality across age groups. Both sets of graphs much the same as the UK.

    On the other hand, researching the dissenting views is pretty easy as the data is there and it backs up the dissenting voices in the main. The dissenting view is the polar opposite to govt in giving perspective.

    Is all this psychosis?
    I would say that with the likes of Matt Hancock and Johnson, Witty et al it’s ignorance, delusion, ambition, egotism and fear to varying degrees, differing for each dependant upon their ambitions in the future. They are following the herd of world politicians on the assumption/in the hope that there is safety in numbers, so if people start questioning en masse they can slide into anonymity. I doubt fear is the preserve of the oiks who only watch MSM. Fear differs dependant upon circumstance, which is based of course on perspective.

    Back to psychosis: It’s a label which may be useful when we need a common language to understand someone’s odd behaviour as we perceive it. I would say (only through observation) that it’s irrelevant as a societal label because perspective often then shows this behaviour being pretty normal to the person involved within their own circumstances. Yes, occasionally there is someone with a hardwired medical condition producing behaviour beyond what society finds acceptable who could be labelled psychotic.

    But we are now back to what we find ‘acceptable’. Most of us are quite happy to see a murderer locked away or strung up for killing one person, but perfectly happy to tuck into fish and chips, the fish part irrefutably contributing to many deaths within multiple species including humans. Or following Hancock’s dictates to lockdown, mask up, vaccinate etc., which are also contributing to the ill health and demise of thousands of humans.
    Are they psychotic for implementing this stuff or are we suffering from psychosis for accepting it?

    Maybe we could leave labelling to the mechanistic psychiatrists and philosophers to argue about, those who count the scientifically evidence based show of hands and enter, or not the latest conjured label into the forthcoming DSM.

    The rest of us interact as individuals, enjoy each other’s personalities, discuss, argue, cajole. Form partnerships to challenge those with whom we disagree, those people we believe are disillusioned or thinking the wrong way. Ultimately, we may agree upon a revolution, the extreme version of this dissent or roll over, accept what is.



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