Denying Your Feelings – Stop Denying Them!

I have tidied up and pasted an email response I have made just now to a very good friend,

Thank you for sharing from: DailyOM <>, Date: 13 Apr 2021 09:58 Subject: Denying Your Feelings)

I am struggling to read even the 3 paragraphs, while feeling so much pressure to be helping people wake up to the harm being done by experimental jabs (for the sake of massive financial gains by a tiny minority).

I note and will comment on some ideas from the article you have forwarded…

“We may let our feelings out in an immediate and visceral way,”

– Not new, yet this is something I have to get it into my head. This could well be why I find getting dressed before about 9am seems impossible most mornings (currently 8:15am), yet after some horrible noisy crying in the bathroom I am able to behave more like a healthy adult.

Having my ‘ex’ in hospital, likely for many weeks, and seeming unable to visit is ‘doing my head in’ – especially as the logic most people use is more like… “Move on, she’s an ‘ex’. ” – Okay, that is just my latest ‘story’.

the emotions you deny could morph into unconscious anger or self-hatred.”

– They have!

“Expressing your thoughts to friends or family can be helpful.”

– Yes, used to be something easy to do when sharing a home. I need to adapt/change now to a strange ‘new normal’.

“Give whatever you are feeling simple words…”

– Even just realising I am not now at rock-bottom may be useful for me.

“…funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores.”

– Yes, I used to do a lot of this – it works.

“…speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a healing release.”

– I need to swallow pride or whatever stops me talking to self.

“Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy.”

– A new idea to me. And yes, the world situation seems so bad that I have almost certainly, unconsciously suppressed ‘positive’ feelings.

Thank you for sending me this article.


The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Johann Hari

Now in a second ‘lock-down’, I am keen to share this email I sent to our support group in July 2020…

Yes, it is the same story as Natalie was referring to on 30th Dec 2018. Here, on YouTube, is the same story from 11th Oct 2019… If only time to listen to one talk today, I suggest this one:

Especially listen 16m 30s, “We live in a machine that is designed to get us to forget what’s important in our life.” and 19m 00s, “your pain doesn’t mean anything………………… no……. it is there to tell you something.”

This is the slightly shorter version with advertising added at the end… 18th June 2020

It is a good story worth repeating and, for me, very relevant to my current situation. My emotional difficulties are undoubtedly closely coupled to things going on in the real world and I feel not to be dismissed as ‘all in my head’ / ‘a chemical imbalance’. It is not as simple as just loneliness or as simple as me berating myself for mistakes made. It is a complex mix of so many things. A mix that cannot be resolved by any prescription medication.


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