Bipolar is Not a Separate Condition #notjustbipolar

Studying bipolar for 16 years led me to the realization that bipolar overlaps with other forms of emotional distress as in this diagram from our 2012 bipolar textbook:


Many psychiatric diagnoses have many similar symptoms

They also have similar causes

To tackle a disorder effectively we need a good idea of the true causes.

Causes can be divided up using these ‘five keys to well-being’ (developed from the work of Dr Liz Miller), with each cause being associated with deficiency or troubles in one or more of these key areas:

  • Surroundings
  • Health (including food, exercise and measurable, clearly defined illnesses)
  • Autonomy (including achieving what you need to do)
  • Relationships
  • Education

Causes of emotional distress match up with the causes of many other chronic modern disorders.

bipolar diagnosis overlaps other diagnoses

What are the common causes behind all these troubles associated with modern living?

Which common causes can I help people eliminate from their lives?

One common cause is simply;

What we put in our mouths

Recovery depends on being prepared to change what we eat and drink, whether we smoke and being able to question those who encourage us to take any form of drug.

When we can improve the ‘what, when and how’ of what we ingest (and may or may not digest), then healthy activities become easier, we sleep better and we can think more clearly.

Clearer thinking allows us to learn more, such that we can deal with other causes of disorder in our lives.

Read about improving digestion and nutrition as a way of reducing these modern disorders

 Roger Smith – – This article was originally posted here on 3rd July 2014

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