Bipolar with Diabetes – Three Great Episodes of iThrive then Disappointed with Episode 4

If you want to get over any kind of disorder, diabetes, bipolar or whatever then episodes 1 to 3 of the iThrive Documentary Series are well worth watching. A great range of experts are interviewed and their explanations of causes and cures are well worth hearing.

I was disappointed with Episode 4 because everyone interviewed seemed to be strictly vegan. The only message I kept hearing was, “Eat like a vegan or die young.”

Even if that turns out to be true, I feel the film makers lost track of what seemed like their essential central messages.

I am hoping they get back on track.

Clearly there are many lifestyle options and changes they can share, but everyone needs just a few simple clear guidelines. Maybe just two messages to start with:

  • Eliminate junk food
  • Find a way that works for you to avoid spikes in blood sugar

These are just two of many lifestyle changes I needed to make to eliminate bipolar disorder and the need for psychiatric drugs from my life. Yes, there do have to be many other changes just that these two work for everyone who has been struggling.

I believe:

  • Eliminate junk food
  • Find a way that works for you to avoid spikes in blood sugar

…are especially effective for long-term wellness as success can be seen in falling HbA1c blood test values which your doctor will almost certainly agree is worth testing 3 monthly while ‘in recovery’ then perhaps every 6 or 12 months throughout your life.

For my next blog-post I’ll share about my old food choices not being HCLF but HCTF… and HCTF being a massive driver for bipolar and every mental / physical disorder.


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