What is mass psychosis and can we recognise it?

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I took another long break from blogging as I needed to check I was sane!… not that I am going to try to define ‘sane’.

I have concluded that I cannot tell, even after meeting with psychiatrist, pharmacist and peer support worker (all 3 only by phone in these strange lockdown days) and a Community Psychiatric Nurse about 7 times (at 2 metres apart, but at least in same room).

So regardless of sanity/insanity/bipolar or any other label, I will (below this quote from Carl Jung) paste the email I wrote earlier while discussing ‘mass psychosis‘ with friends.

Hi (7 names removed)

Thank you for asking about the book ‘1984’. Like most people I knew a fair bit about it as phrases from it are now so embedded in our language, such as, “newspeak” , “Big Brother”, “Room 101” – yet I did not read the book cover-to-cover until about 3 to 5 years ago (not sure when). This was also when I eventually read all of Brave New World (having read many chunks of that previously). The two dystopias seemed opposites. It has seemed we were getting a mix of both possibilities. Just how much of both has been anyone’s guess, yet undeniably elements such as surveillance (1984 style) and the idea that each of us had best know where we belong in the hierarchy (BNW style) has recently become so much clearer to many of us. Reading ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ (not recommending – just saying) I came to appreciate how quickly ‘normal’ can become ‘totally abnormal’, taking perhaps a little over a year to wipe out and replace huge swathes of what we grew up with, such as, for example, a handshake now seems very dangerous to many people.

Thank you for sharing those videos from the “Academy of Ideas”. The one you shared today, helps answer the question of, “What is mass psychosis?”. It does not answer, “Who is more psychotic/delusional/deluded?” Is it us or them?

For example; Is it those who voluntarily wear masks (simply because told to) or those who do not (because they have read the research proving long-term mask wearing does more harm than good)?

From my personal experiences of psychosis or something-like-it, I can say there can be an urgency to it.

Urgency? In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojPcF-oLABE it is suggested that in WW2 “the final solution” was due to a mass psychosis. It seems to me there was a great urgency to implement/complete this, while Stalin did not seem to hesitate in getting rid of most of his army officers when less extreme leaders would have been turning to them for advice.

I have experienced the urgency of psychotic delusions myself and I sense it now as almost all routine tasks (e.g. washing up) are on hold here, as I have come to expect a new (crazier-in-my-opinion) announcement from the government early every morning. They keep taking me by surprise, such as today, the Moderna jab (containing mRNA) suddenly coming on-stream as an option for the under 30’s, such that they can now choose between mRNA or mRNA(!). Technically neither option is a vaccine, both are experimental, both (I believe) contain emulsifiers that will take harmful substances into the human brain. Yet, people queue for these jabs that at very best could give 3 months protection from viruses that they are unlikely to encounter before next winter ‘flu season = zero benefit, other than perhaps a ‘V passport’.

What to do? If we believe we are closer to reality/truth (than the majority) then just talking, typing, listening, reading in an ‘echo chamber’ is not sufficient. If you can ask yourself, “Am I deep down believing none of this is really happening and will I wake from this dream soon?”, then… well, you probably will not be doing anything too drastic and continue to remain sane in the eyes of your neighbours or whoever is watching you.

The video linked to above lasts 12m 38s. I highly recommend it at this time, when millions are believing there is so little time left to save humanity… from extinction!

You may then wish to watch, Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky – YouTube – published only 9 days ago.

Clearly, I am not the only one wondering, “How much mass psychosis is going on?”

From history we know it has led to some of the worst things imaginable, and perhaps frighteningly the most extreme of these events have, I believe, become more frequent. This is the first time in my life that a mass psychosis has occurred, gripping millions or billions in only about one year.

Take care everyone (care of self so you can care for those closest to you)


Battling bipolar – not alone – sharing about psychosis

A letter to a friend in USA

Hi John,

For almost all my life I have been a, kind, of, high energy person. It was excess high energy that led to me being prescribed anti-psychotics etc. Prior to this any lows I had only lasted for a few hours.. then with the anti-psychotics I was low for weeks/months at a time.

I have been off all meds for nearly 8 years now and not had any extended lows…. Until very recently when I have been low for several days at a time – several times. I have just come out of one of these with renewed determination to make a difference, while of course not going high!

Up early (still before 7am here) I thought I’d use a little of my extra energy to tweet  [John Poehler sharing about psychosis] to promote your work. Keep at it. I know it is a rare thing that someone who has been through the whole bipolar thing finds the stability to work consistently on one project. (I’ve been jumping from one thing to another, which is not so clever.)

Kind regards and best wishes

Roger Smith

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