Still free to choose to be positive?

The very first word of my story (Chapter 3) in my first book SP/SS was/is “Freedom”.

Is ‘freedom’, “…just some people talking” and a meaningless idea, when we consider we are, kind of, living in a matrix? A matrix in which we need to fit in with billions of other people and where our choices always have some effect on… on? Not just those closest to us but on everyone, in this interconnected world.

I am able to imagine freedom on a scale from seemingly none to lots.

I did not appreciate how much freedom I had in the UK prior to the first lock-down in 2020. Now, 18 months on, I perhaps have even more freedom as I have largely stopped caring that many people see me as ‘a nut’, ‘ a mad professor’ and more recently as a ‘crazy-anti-vaxxer’.

What the lockdown did to me was to create the fear that almost all my freedoms could be lost in the blink of an eye. Not just through being told to stay indoors but through the kind of censorship that is being imposed on MSM, FB and YouTube.

How much longer will I be allowed to share my thoughts and feelings here?

Many people now fear a virus that cannot be seen, has never been isolated and that without the aid of a long swab or face mask, tends to stay in the throat and be eliminated by our natural immunity. Others have the kind of fear that I have. This is about what may happen if we dare to share truths that the majority do not want to hear. If only it were just one virus we had to fear!

I was inspired to write the above after listening to the historian, Neil Oliver, talk about freedom in this 6 minute monologue, shared via GBNews, on or about 1st August 2021, which is still available to listen to as I write this.

Neil Oliver: For the sake of freedom – yours and mine – I will cheerfully risk catching Covid-19

From Fear Back To Positivity

A few weeks ago, kind of by chance, I met David Icke. He was going to hug me. I shook his hand.

It is not so long since almost everyone in the UK seemed to think Mr Icke had become too weird to pay any attention to. He’d been on prime-time TV saying the royal family were lizards. I have not read enough of his books to know if he believes/believed they are biologically reptiles. Possibly, the point he was making was that many of ‘elites’ behave as if they have no understanding of the emotions most of us experience.

Only today, I have heard two people say that our current Health Secretary is a lizard and I know they are referring only to the way he doesn’t blink when interviewed and seems to relish having ever more power while going along with decisions that cause unnecessary harm.

Putting lizards aside, I have undoubtedly been living with fear. Other people’s fear and my own fear, which at times seems as extreme as fear can be. Much of the time I am fearful of masks. Not that masks are inherently dangerous. It is more because of the blind obedience they represent. It is how wearing masks without questioning why tends to go with things like not wanting to know what is in ‘vaccines’ or why locking down society was allowed when all that is needed is protection and appropriate support for the frail people.

What if I were able to choose not to be afraid of ‘lizards’, masks and everything else?

Well, I think David Icke is making a lot more sense these days and why I was happy to shake his hand.

A friend has asked for my view on the David Icke video below. Well, it makes sense. I cannot say to what extent the mood, feeling or vibrational energy we have changes the world around us. It does however make a lot of sense to me to choose to feel empowered. Doing the opposite of, continuing to feel disempowered and fearful, makes no sense.

How does someone like me; overcome fears and regain enough confidence to feel and act positively? Here is a dull answer if put up against the video below for entertainment value! The most important thing, for me, at this time, seems to be to make a plan for tomorrow and keep doing this day-after-day. Recently my life seems to one of, “Failing to plan and so effectively planning to fail.”

I am inspired. I have made a plan for tomorrow. I am grateful to the friend who forwarded this to me:

Anxiety driven by mainstream media or social media? For me, I think it is what is lurking unrevealed that is the greater driver of anxiety.

Since March 2020 I have been told hundreds of times to stop listening to the BBC and other mainstream media as a way to lower anxiety. Listening less to BBC/MSM, what I hear and see from all other sources becomes a greater part of the news I receive. Of course, social media may be a notoriously unreliable source of news, except when there are links to reliable sources.

With the ‘pandemic’ there are many sites sharing government data from around the world that is not being reported by MSM and so a new narrative can be appreciated by viewing these.

Looking at trends, I have been seeing sharp rises in death rates that correspond with numbers of ‘jabs’. Most countries have been ‘jabbing’ the most vulnerable (typically weakest immune system) first. As the ‘jabs’ initially weaken immunity, a few or perhaps many frail people die within a few weeks of having had a ‘jab’. After a while ‘jabbing’ moves onto less vulnerable cohorts who may have bad side-effects but will live long (hopefully for decades) after a typical ‘jab’.

This is ‘normal’ and expected each autumn, as the annual ‘flu vaccine is responsible for the deaths of some very frail people. A number of deaths by ‘jab’ are considered by governments and health services as necessary, for the greater good. This in itself does not provoke much anxiety in me, as I worked in big pharma (1985 to 1989) and know that medicine is not without risk.

What does make me very anxious is the cover-up. In the UK, the health secretary has been asked the simple question of, “How many deaths have occurred within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’?” It is a simple question where the answer could be compared with ‘deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test’. It could also be compared with ‘deaths within 28 days of a positive Lateral Flow Test’. Yet he has refused to share this information.

On a world-wide scale / in ‘the big scheme of things’, the world population has hardly been affected at all so far, yet the way the healthcare and reporting has changed since early 2020, is extremely troubling to me. Currently, withholding the “Deaths within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’?” means there is no way to know if there are the beginnings of some local, national, or even internationally coordinated, genocide (as claimed by many).

If there were nothing to hide the data would be shared, people like me could do some sums and say whether all the people we know who died within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’ were like one-offs or if the trends seen on so many national graphs are indeed reflective of frail people unable to withstand a fresh challenge to their immune systems.

Anxiety? Are you more anxious when the truth is being hidden, as in more afraid of what you cannot see?

Israel is one of many places were the jabs seem to have been more harmful than expected:

May be an image of text that says 'Defender TM the CHILDREN'S HEALTH DEFENSE NEWS & VIEWS UPDATED 03/02/21 BIG PHARMA NEWS New Analysis: Pfizer Vaccine Killed 'About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed' re-analysis of data from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer's COVID vaccine killed "about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed" during a recent five- week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus.'
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