I’ve been asked “How can I sleep longer without taking any extra medication or drug”?

Something of a breakthrough on sleep?

BipolarSleepAfter many nights of not sleeping more than 3hrs in a block, then at least 2 nights of longest sleep being only from 11pm to 1pm = 2hours!…

The breakthrough? Well, it has been too warm for the typical ‘Brit’ to sleep well. I believe optimum sleeping temperature for most people is about 19’C (66’F). For me, I think it is needs to be several degrees lower. Last night even with all windows open it was 26’C (79’F).

During the afternoon, I had filled hot water bottles with cold water, chilled them in fridge, went to bed with one, and slept 11pm to 3:25am = 4hr 25m in a block, then fetched the other chilled bottle. If you’ve not done this before it may seem odd yet worth finding out if it helps you during any warm/hot nights.

If you do then please let me know how well it works for you?



About Roger Smith (in the UK)
Helping you to think about bipolar disorder in different ways so that we can eliminate the disorder and eventually eliminate the need for this diagnosis.

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