Why Might Faceless People Provoke Anxiety and So Mess Up Our Mood?

Just over 10 years ago, I was writing metaphorically about masks (see my drawing and link below).

Lennon and McCartney were kind of saying about masks about 50 years ago…

“Lives in a dream
Waits at the window
Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?”

Writer(s): Lennon John Winston, McCartney Paul James

Today the UK government responded to our petition to,

“Ban the use of face masks in schools”

Here are some words that are absent from the government response, “quality, particles, breathing, breathe, breath, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, lungs, blood, brain, heart, think, thinking, flow, harm, smile, mouth, nose, respiratory, cancer, depression, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mould/mold – none mentioned.

I mention ‘quality’ as a key word as in… consideration of the quality of masks for performance and chemical safety, such as “Are the masks to meet pre-2020 safety guidelines?” Are the masks matching British Safety Standards? Do all the masks have the BSI kitemark* as evidence for safety?

I mention ‘cancer’ as a key word as in… the metabolic theory of cancer that the Nobel Prize was awarded for = lower blood oxygen makes cancer more likely

A word that features strongly in the government response is “evidence” as in,

  1. “latest evidence”
  2. “available evidence”
  3. “best available scientific evidence”
  4. “the available scientific evidence”
  5. “a range of evidence”
  6. “the most recent scientific evidence”

There is no indication of what this evidence is or where it has come from.

Intelligence” is of course important but what is this “intelligence”?

  1. “educational intelligence into account”
  2. “polling data from parents and students and intelligence”
  3. “balanced with intelligence”

They say, “The best available scientific evidence is that, when used correctly, wearing a face covering may reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) droplets in certain circumstances,”

Being employed as a scientist for most of my life, I will state that in science the words ‘may’ and ‘can’ are very different from ‘will’ and ‘does’. This fact means we are being informed that that masks are very unlikely to stop anything smaller than what can be described as a droplet!

So yes, masks reduce spitting! Beyond that it is like using chain link fence hoping to stop insects flying through.

The above is my opinion as someone who worked in microbiology labs with nasty bacteria and nasty moulds, where masks were not worn and most people stayed healthy.

We hear, ‘Stop the Spread’… Consider the warm-air-hand-driers still in use in hospital toilets… If there were viruses worse than ‘flu would those hand-driers not be disabled by now? Pubs and Cafes have these too. What about schools- are there any warm-air-hand-driers in use in schools?

Before I sign off for today, what has this to do with the 3 moods of bipolar/tripolar anxiety, depression and mania?

I was told 24 years ago that my troubles were genetic and from my childhood. I have been on a journey of realising, that however true or untrue that is, the moods we are all experiencing now are more dependent on our interpretation of the data we are receiving from all of our senses. My senses are telling me that the world has changed and this has, and continues to, cause anxiety.

Click on link in picture for 2 of my posts from March 2001:

Note: Achieving a BSI Kitemark for a product (such as a mask) is voluntary. It is a quality mark unique to BSI and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality, safety and trust.

Does your mask have a Kitemark?


Psychosis: Can Sanity Return to an Insane World – An Academy of Ideas Video Discussed

The Academy of Ideas continues to amaze me. https://academyofideas.com/2021/04/manufacturing-of-a-mass-psychosis-can-sanity-return-to-an-insane-world/

Perhaps listen and watch the full 16m 09s before reading my notes below. I believe my notes are brilliant, yet who has time to read and consider all this?

At just 2m 47s into that video I decided to look up Joost Meerloo and found this a fascinating read: Joost Meerloo – Wikipedia

Academy of Ideas somehow manages to pull together so much artwork to be displayed in their videos. I have paused at 4m 44s with a picture that, for me, is only slightly disturbing, yet, surely it is an image that is very disturbing… or maybe not… so much going on in the picture… looking at it again, I am struck that even the characters holding weapons seem very disturbed… none seem anything like happy with the role they have to have/play.

Now looking at the picture at 5m 25s I have decided I can categorise myself as sane! Sane compared with the poor ‘sod’ who got that image in his mind and had to draw it… perhaps to have some release from some fears of his own… the narrator talking about how fear is needed to get menticide underway.

In terms of the words/quotes, there are many I could say are outstanding. So far, if I were to just pick one quote, it is that from Joost Meerloo at 7m 10s that stands out for me. It matches with a conversation earlier today. In fact, matches with several recent conversations with several people. In one such conversation “A scotch-egg constitutes a substantial meal” was an example of the craziness of last summer when so many, including me, were confused.

Please read the quote at 8m 15s while being aware that Joost Meerloo died on November 17, 1976. Was he a genius? Maybe, yet mainly he was in the wrong places (E.g. as a jew in occupied Holland 1940-1942) such that he was set on a course of wanting/needing to understand how/why such situations were occurring.

Isolation is discussed at 9m 50s.

Just 6 months ago, I believe I would have regarded the picture at 10m 28s as nonsense. Right now, I consider that picture is an accurate representation of the world I know… (Do I have to again redefine what is sane and sanity!?) I believe I know what the artist was thinking when drawing (in the upper-left part of picture) the person under the shell and the person upside-down above the shell. I believe I have recently met people dealing with their current reality in these alternative ways, but please do not lock me up just for my ‘appreciation’ of this art.

According to Carl Jung, for those of us who wish to help return sanity to an insane world, the first step is to bring order to our own minds, and to live in a way that provides inspiration for others to follow:

I will now use the transcript supplied to share, “It is not for nothing that our age cries out for the redeemer personality, for the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective [psychosis] and save at least his own soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming that here is at least one man* who has succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition

Here I will point out that Carl Jung died on 6 June 1961, yet he was writing about “our age” as if he were living today. This perhaps confirms that the massive shifts many (including me) experienced in 2020 were really just part of a flow that has been going on for centuries. You may find it interesting to listen now to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Light the Fire”, or just familiarize yourself with the lyrics and know that, whether in our own lives or on the world-stage, each action has to follow from the action before. Not for political correctness but from  my own observations of the mass rally in London on 24th April 2021 and of the meeting in our local park this morning that Carl needs to change “one man” to “person” as there really does seem to have been a shift from men standing up against tyranny to us now being so very reliant on women. It seems we need the “lionesses” more than ever while the reasons why there has been so much de-masculination of so many men could be the subject of another article from me.

Now, I do hope this is still true, “…the weapon of ridicule. The demagogue himself is almost incapable of humor of any sort, and if we treat him with humor, he will begin to collapse.”

Near the end now at 15m 15s, I am reminded of my own experiences at age 20, behind the Iron Curtain,

“…Czechoslovakia, is the construction of what are called “parallel structures”. A parallel structure is any form of organization, business, institution, technology, or creative pursuit that exists physically within a totalitarian society, yet morally outside of it. In communist Czechoslovakia, Havel noted that these parallel structures were more effective at combating totalitarianism than political action.”

It is then mentioned that “to prevent a full descent into the madness of totalitarianism is action by as many people as possible.”

I believe some of my newest friends will appreciate the final quotation, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.” Thomas Paine, American Crisis


How we were getting well and staying well back in 2019

Listening to, or watching, mainstream media (MSM) in 2021 seems to be increasing people’s level of fear. This messes with our mood/emotions, which in turn can weaken our immune system. As I said in an earlier blog, avoiding MSM can leave space for new even more frightening memes from social media to take hold.

I am therefore recommending some older memes from before the 2020/21 gloom (remember a meme is any idea that can be accurately copied, and I’d say these two fit that description)

There’s something special about you.

Your body is designed to adapt to this planet.

If you…

  • have been feeling gloomy lately
  • would rather live with less fear
  • want to repair your body, mind and emotional health quicker
  • desire long-term good health…

…then please take notes, ideally with an old-fashioned pen and paper, from one of the best ever lectures on how to get well and stay well… with minimal medical intervention. It is 60 minutes. He starts off saying about ‘God’ – It is okay, it is a talk about health not religion, its just John’s way… stick with him… he’s great!

Remember: What happens to each of us depends a lot on what we each believe. Believe we have the intelligence within us to adapt and thrive when we ignore the crazy new ideas and stick with what has always worked.




“I can’t take any more bad news. I won’t entertain that idea”

I am going to justify writing about ‘pandemic’ type stuff in my bipolar blog as you may spot how I reveal something of what may have been ‘a psychotic high’, I personally experienced, early in the UK’s first ever lockdown.

What I am sensing is that each of us has a point at which we switch off and say, “I can’t take any more bad news. I won’t entertain  that idea”

I accept it is VERY LIKELY that;

  • Good nutrition will keep almost all viruses in check almost all the time
  • I had a SARS-type infection (what came to be called COVID19) in November 2019, it was horrible but with extra C and D was over the worst in 2 days
  • Lockdowns
    • wreck economies such that the world can be transformed with the richest getting richer even quicker and the poor getting poorer even quicker
    • cause permanent disabilities for many
    • have caused many people to die early
  • Even:
    • a handshake (without gloves) provides a little oxytocin and allows me to feel valued
    • one hug per week boosts my mood and immune system massively
  • My burned leg would have healed in days had I been treated at A&E instead of being (irrationally) terrified when I arrived there because it had been radically altered. (I was unwell, believing that was where they were disposing of bodies of people killed by the government during lockdown!)
  • Relatives and friends of mine died due to NHS staff being less efficient. For example:
    • Some staff sent home due to false positives
    • Wearing ‘PPE’ (to protect against a virus that had been identified as less lethal than ‘flu for most of population)
  • The ‘jabs’ do a lot more harm than good (other than perhaps placebo-effect for some who have a good-ish immune system but were afraid to leave home until jabbed!)

I could go on and on, yet the point I want to get to is that my mind will not accept,

  • Research where unvaccinated women are developing menstrual and bleeding disorders from being in close, prolonged proximity to others who have been vaccinated with the mRNA vacccines, Moderna, mainly. The vaccinated are breathing out the spike proteins and the immune system in unvaccinated is responding with platelet dysfunction and clotting disorders. Others who have miscarried, although miscarriage is sadly all too common.”

It would seem that we all have a limit to what we find credible, yet that limit is not necessarily based on logic, evidence, proof… It seems more to be that we reject anything that would change our world-view so radically that we would cease to function.

I have written the above, revealing my weakness (in that I accepted a ‘conspiracy theory’ too far that  stopped me getting my leg treated). I do so as I hope it will prompt responses to my question,

Are we all accepting some apparently wacky ideas while rejecting others without wanting to ever delve into why the theories we reject are needed by others?

For anyone who has read the above rejecting all I believe, here is one wacky yet mainstream belief you may have bought into: “Lockdowns save lives” Polls show the majority in the UK still believe this, even though the very best a UK-style-lockdown can do is slow the spread of a virus but that slows the development of population immunity, which overall causes a longer more severe epidemic.

From all this you can tell I am still obsessed by how the world I knew seems to have changed so radically since March 2020, and wondering what my part may be in the new world order.

From one of my presentations – If you’d like to hire me for a talk anywhere in UK please ask

Anxiety driven by mainstream media or social media? For me, I think it is what is lurking unrevealed that is the greater driver of anxiety.

Since March 2020 I have been told hundreds of times to stop listening to the BBC and other mainstream media as a way to lower anxiety. Listening less to BBC/MSM, what I hear and see from all other sources becomes a greater part of the news I receive. Of course, social media may be a notoriously unreliable source of news, except when there are links to reliable sources.

With the ‘pandemic’ there are many sites sharing government data from around the world that is not being reported by MSM and so a new narrative can be appreciated by viewing these.

Looking at trends, I have been seeing sharp rises in death rates that correspond with numbers of ‘jabs’. Most countries have been ‘jabbing’ the most vulnerable (typically weakest immune system) first. As the ‘jabs’ initially weaken immunity, a few or perhaps many frail people die within a few weeks of having had a ‘jab’. After a while ‘jabbing’ moves onto less vulnerable cohorts who may have bad side-effects but will live long (hopefully for decades) after a typical ‘jab’.

This is ‘normal’ and expected each autumn, as the annual ‘flu vaccine is responsible for the deaths of some very frail people. A number of deaths by ‘jab’ are considered by governments and health services as necessary, for the greater good. This in itself does not provoke much anxiety in me, as I worked in big pharma (1985 to 1989) and know that medicine is not without risk.

What does make me very anxious is the cover-up. In the UK, the health secretary has been asked the simple question of, “How many deaths have occurred within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’?” It is a simple question where the answer could be compared with ‘deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test’. It could also be compared with ‘deaths within 28 days of a positive Lateral Flow Test’. Yet he has refused to share this information.

On a world-wide scale / in ‘the big scheme of things’, the world population has hardly been affected at all so far, yet the way the healthcare and reporting has changed since early 2020, is extremely troubling to me. Currently, withholding the “Deaths within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’?” means there is no way to know if there are the beginnings of some local, national, or even internationally coordinated, genocide (as claimed by many).

If there were nothing to hide the data would be shared, people like me could do some sums and say whether all the people we know who died within 28 days of a ‘covid jab’ were like one-offs or if the trends seen on so many national graphs are indeed reflective of frail people unable to withstand a fresh challenge to their immune systems.

Anxiety? Are you more anxious when the truth is being hidden, as in more afraid of what you cannot see?

Israel is one of many places were the jabs seem to have been more harmful than expected:

May be an image of text that says 'Defender TM the CHILDREN'S HEALTH DEFENSE NEWS & VIEWS UPDATED 03/02/21 BIG PHARMA NEWS New Analysis: Pfizer Vaccine Killed 'About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed' re-analysis of data from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer's COVID vaccine killed "about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed" during a recent five- week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus.'

A New Driver for Bipolar Disorder… Mat Hancokc on BBC Parliament Channel. From Calm to Anxious in 5 minutes!

A few days ago an article appeared on the BBC website saying that the ‘jab’ needs to be given to pregnant women. I was shocked and along with hundreds of others expressed my opinions about the likely damage. Not just likely damage but certain damage. Why certain? One way to consider the damage is by considering the damage to each cell infected by RNA from the jab. It is not just the mRNA varieties (Pfizer and Moderna) but also the more traditional (AZ and Sputnik types) that put non-human RNA inside our cells.

As the non-human RNA does its work inside a cell, that cell increasingly stands out from the healthy, non-infected cells around it (Note: No jab is ever likely to infect all 30 trillion cells of a human body). The immune system ‘fires up’ against the spike protein; that is being manufactured, starting to protrude from and being released from the infected cells. Initially the immune system is mainly dealing with the spike protein, urgently working to stop this sticky substance from causing clots.

A healthy immune system will minimize clotting, with no strokes, no eye-damage, no paralyses… Most people now have compromised immunity. This can be due to low blood levels of vitamins needed for strong immunity, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D. All these vitamins being lowered by anxiety/fear, as well as most ‘eat-out-to-help-out’ options!)

A poor immune system may not deal with the build up of spike protein quickly enough to avoid permanent harm or even death.

If the initial onslaught is survived (and of course most people do not die within a few days of any well-tested ‘jab’) the immune system will increasingly turn its attention to the human cells that have been infected. Sometimes the immune system kind of ‘uses a sledge hammer to crack a nut’ showing no leniency and taking no chances. Every cell that has been infected, is producing what appears (to the immune system) to be dangerous spike protein and so gets attack in massive battles (massive compared with picking off little bits of spike protein in the blood). Inflammation ensues which may or may not be noticed causing pain, such as aching arm and headache.

With years and years of testing, the amount to be injected can be tailored to avoid excessive damage, meaning avoiding extensive loss of what was healthy you.

But, in reality does a 140kg 30 year old body builder get the same volume of ‘jab’ as a 45kg frail 90 year old? (I apologize here for not checking this out before publishing). My point being that the person with more muscle can probably afford to lose more healthy cells and a younger person probably be able to replace most of the lost cells over the next few months.

Back to what this article is about: PREGNANCY and do the BBC and the health secretary have the knowledge and the right to say experimental jabs are safe, with no scientific evidence? Clearly, no they do not.

I’d had an okay middle part of my day, digging alone at an allotment, coping with ongoing lockdown and isolation. I rarely look at the BBC Parliament channel, but did when home. As I flicked through from BBC News (Channel 231) to Sky News (Channel 233) there he was, standing in parliament saying, “All pregnant women need to have the jab.”, “The jab is completely safe for pregnant women.” and “Pregnant women should go as soon as they are called and not hesitate.” Now, I may be slightly misquoting so please feel free to check on the BBC website (Approx. 4pm on 19th April 2021).

Can it be safe?

I’ll summarize what I said above… The immune system turns on, attacks and destroys human cells that have been infected by RNA from the jab, regardless of whether that is RNA made in a laboratory or from a chimpanzee adenovirus.

Looking at the ingredients lists for various vaccines, I believe all contain an emulsifier or something similar, (E.g. PEG = Poly Ethylene Glycol) that will take the RNA to places it would not normally reach. It would seem that these take the non-human-RNA through the blood-brain barrier (making strokes more likely) and presumably through the placenta and into the unborn baby’s brain. At this point, I need to say, I do not know for sure. I have not seen anything from the manufacturers saying they have proved this does not happen, but does it? Would you want to take that chance that a substance will be injected and damage a baby’s brain?

Why did hearing that make me anxious? It is because I felt it was up to me to do something about it. This is a trait I have that I say about in my first book, ‘Stop Paddling / Start Sailing’. Many people are able to ‘bury their head in the sand’. There are all those people working at vaccination centres, who are not looking at the adverse reaction reports. For me, when I believe something is not right I get anxious then I either do little and stay anxious or I get busy and the anxiety eases. The anxiety about baby’s being harmed by experiments used up so much energy that I went to bed from 6pm to 7pm, then walked to a friend’s house to tell them what I had heard. I returned with less anxiety, having turned that anxiety into anger. It is the energy of that anger that I have used to hastily type all of this.

How much damage is being done by the jabs? Please click to see if this petition is still live and, if so, please sign it: https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-covid-vaccine-related-deaths-within-28-days-of-receiving-vaccine

Just supposing the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right and the main purpose of the jabs is to make those who have shares in jab manufacturers wealthier? With the UK govt promising not to prosecute even if people are being killed by jabs, it sure is a way to make money without any apparent risk… unless stopped through alerting more people to the possibility that this is a form of genocide.

Genocide? If more healthy people are dying soon after having a jab than there have been sick people dying of viral infections before the jabs… Unless the health secretary agrees to release the numbers we cannot know.

As I said in my previous blog-post the possibility that a new genocide is just starting is frightening and not to be ignored.

Anxiety from Current Affairs

It could be said that fear and anxiety are the main drivers for mood disorders. For a year now the message in this picture has been one of 3 things driving my anxiety. I am not so afraid for myself as I am for the world I have known which seems to be rapidly disappearing. If you have similar feelings there is hope. Contact me.

Repealed Genocide Act Precludes Indicting UK Government Officers To ICC

Denying Your Feelings – Stop Denying Them!

I have tidied up and pasted an email response I have made just now to a very good friend,

Thank you for sharing from: DailyOM <today@dailyom.com>, Date: 13 Apr 2021 09:58 Subject: Denying Your Feelings)

I am struggling to read even the 3 paragraphs, while feeling so much pressure to be helping people wake up to the harm being done by experimental jabs (for the sake of massive financial gains by a tiny minority).

I note and will comment on some ideas from the article you have forwarded…

“We may let our feelings out in an immediate and visceral way,”

– Not new, yet this is something I have to get it into my head. This could well be why I find getting dressed before about 9am seems impossible most mornings (currently 8:15am), yet after some horrible noisy crying in the bathroom I am able to behave more like a healthy adult.

Having my ‘ex’ in hospital, likely for many weeks, and seeming unable to visit is ‘doing my head in’ – especially as the logic most people use is more like… “Move on, she’s an ‘ex’. ” – Okay, that is just my latest ‘story’.

the emotions you deny could morph into unconscious anger or self-hatred.”

– They have!

“Expressing your thoughts to friends or family can be helpful.”

– Yes, used to be something easy to do when sharing a home. I need to adapt/change now to a strange ‘new normal’.

“Give whatever you are feeling simple words…”

– Even just realising I am not now at rock-bottom may be useful for me.

“…funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores.”

– Yes, I used to do a lot of this – it works.

“…speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a healing release.”

– I need to swallow pride or whatever stops me talking to self.

“Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy.”

– A new idea to me. And yes, the world situation seems so bad that I have almost certainly, unconsciously suppressed ‘positive’ feelings.

Thank you for sending me this article.


What is mass psychosis and can we recognise it?

Edit Page

I took another long break from blogging as I needed to check I was sane!… not that I am going to try to define ‘sane’.

I have concluded that I cannot tell, even after meeting with psychiatrist, pharmacist and peer support worker (all 3 only by phone in these strange lockdown days) and a Community Psychiatric Nurse about 7 times (at 2 metres apart, but at least in same room).

So regardless of sanity/insanity/bipolar or any other label, I will (below this quote from Carl Jung) paste the email I wrote earlier while discussing ‘mass psychosis‘ with friends.

Hi (7 names removed)

Thank you for asking about the book ‘1984’. Like most people I knew a fair bit about it as phrases from it are now so embedded in our language, such as, “newspeak” , “Big Brother”, “Room 101” – yet I did not read the book cover-to-cover until about 3 to 5 years ago (not sure when). This was also when I eventually read all of Brave New World (having read many chunks of that previously). The two dystopias seemed opposites. It has seemed we were getting a mix of both possibilities. Just how much of both has been anyone’s guess, yet undeniably elements such as surveillance (1984 style) and the idea that each of us had best know where we belong in the hierarchy (BNW style) has recently become so much clearer to many of us. Reading ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ (not recommending – just saying) I came to appreciate how quickly ‘normal’ can become ‘totally abnormal’, taking perhaps a little over a year to wipe out and replace huge swathes of what we grew up with, such as, for example, a handshake now seems very dangerous to many people.

Thank you for sharing those videos from the “Academy of Ideas”. The one you shared today, helps answer the question of, “What is mass psychosis?”. It does not answer, “Who is more psychotic/delusional/deluded?” Is it us or them?

For example; Is it those who voluntarily wear masks (simply because told to) or those who do not (because they have read the research proving long-term mask wearing does more harm than good)?

From my personal experiences of psychosis or something-like-it, I can say there can be an urgency to it.

Urgency? In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojPcF-oLABE it is suggested that in WW2 “the final solution” was due to a mass psychosis. It seems to me there was a great urgency to implement/complete this, while Stalin did not seem to hesitate in getting rid of most of his army officers when less extreme leaders would have been turning to them for advice.

I have experienced the urgency of psychotic delusions myself and I sense it now as almost all routine tasks (e.g. washing up) are on hold here, as I have come to expect a new (crazier-in-my-opinion) announcement from the government early every morning. They keep taking me by surprise, such as today, the Moderna jab (containing mRNA) suddenly coming on-stream as an option for the under 30’s, such that they can now choose between mRNA or mRNA(!). Technically neither option is a vaccine, both are experimental, both (I believe) contain emulsifiers that will take harmful substances into the human brain. Yet, people queue for these jabs that at very best could give 3 months protection from viruses that they are unlikely to encounter before next winter ‘flu season = zero benefit, other than perhaps a ‘V passport’.

What to do? If we believe we are closer to reality/truth (than the majority) then just talking, typing, listening, reading in an ‘echo chamber’ is not sufficient. If you can ask yourself, “Am I deep down believing none of this is really happening and will I wake from this dream soon?”, then… well, you probably will not be doing anything too drastic and continue to remain sane in the eyes of your neighbours or whoever is watching you.

The video linked to above lasts 12m 38s. I highly recommend it at this time, when millions are believing there is so little time left to save humanity… from extinction!

You may then wish to watch, Mass Psychosis and the Demons of Dostoevsky – YouTube – published only 9 days ago.

Clearly, I am not the only one wondering, “How much mass psychosis is going on?”

From history we know it has led to some of the worst things imaginable, and perhaps frighteningly the most extreme of these events have, I believe, become more frequent. This is the first time in my life that a mass psychosis has occurred, gripping millions or billions in only about one year.

Take care everyone (care of self so you can care for those closest to you)


Why is mental health stigmatised?

I received this by email this morning, “I don’t understand why mental health is stigmatised. We all have it to varying degrees and its part of what makes us human.”

I responded, “Some say that mental illness is not contagious but it can be. Many people seem to want to or need to stay away from the mentally ill. Is this what drives stigma?”

Then I had this response, which I feel worth sharing:

“Yes,  most likely that’s all it is. Fear. People feel averse to things they don’t understand and are afraid. Many like to feel they are immune and superior to it and those who feel vulnerable might want to protect themselves from any impact or association. These people are all quite emotionally numb and could themselves thereby be defined as mentally ill for the lack of ability to associate with human emotion and experience.” Di Wright

Stigma can be horrible, while shame, which I’ve heard described as, ‘the other side of stigma’ may do even more harm to those of us who have been described as mentally unwell.

I welcome any polite comments about the above.

The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Johann Hari

Now in a second ‘lock-down’, I am keen to share this email I sent to our support group in July 2020…

Yes, it is the same story as Natalie was referring to on 30th Dec 2018. Here, on YouTube, is the same story from 11th Oct 2019… If only time to listen to one talk today, I suggest this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB5IX-np5fE

Especially listen 16m 30s, “We live in a machine that is designed to get us to forget what’s important in our life.” and 19m 00s, “your pain doesn’t mean anything………………… no……. it is there to tell you something.”

This is the slightly shorter version with advertising added at the end… 18th June 2020

It is a good story worth repeating and, for me, very relevant to my current situation. My emotional difficulties are undoubtedly closely coupled to things going on in the real world and I feel not to be dismissed as ‘all in my head’ / ‘a chemical imbalance’. It is not as simple as just loneliness or as simple as me berating myself for mistakes made. It is a complex mix of so many things. A mix that cannot be resolved by any prescription medication.


How to Mood Map #MoodMapping

I created ‘How to Mood Map’ as part of a project for the NHS in Lincolnshire, UK in 2014.

If you click on the fuzzy photo below, a link will take you to a printable pdf.

Please let me know if you find this useful.

Also, please get in touch if you feel you can help me make this site even more useful.

Slow-release lithium was perhaps a myth / Priadel to be discontinued in the UK

How quickly does lithium carbonate dissolve?

I am slightly saddened that the Priadel brand of lithium carbonate is to be discontinued in the UK, as that was the only brand I took every evening from 1998 to 2011 (other than a year taking 200mg Priadel with 450mg Camcolit).

Some lithium carbonate tablets have been described as ‘slow-release’ or ‘sustained release’ but what does this mean?

When researching for our handbook for nurses, we found that blood taken from patients at hourly intervals showed a rise in blood lithium in the first few hours after taking the lithium carbonate and then the level falling again. It worked out that when lithium is taken at bedtime the maximum in the person’s blood is likely to occur early in the morning and can already be dropping at the time when a blood sample would normally be taken at the doctor’s surgery the next morning.

This means that the timing of blood tests will, to some extent, influence the result. It also means that a ‘safe’ high reading in blood taken mid-morning is no guarantee that levels were not ‘toxic’ a few hours earlier.

Carbonates tend to dissolve quicker in acid (such as stomach acid) than in water. To get an idea of how much quicker I dropped a 400mg Priadel tablet into a glass of water and a glass containing vinegar. As the photograph above shows the tablet dispersed quickly in water and even quicker in the acidic vinegar.

Are any lithium carbonate tablets really slow-release? I think not, and that I think is why no significance difference was found between Priadel ‘slow-release’ and Camcolit (that at the time of testing was not claiming to be slow-release).

Whether or not all or no lithium carbonate tablets are described as slow release, those who need or choose to continue to use lithium carbonate are likely to be fine when they need to change, from Priadel, to one of the other brands sometime before April 2021.

Here is part of a discussion of this from: The Pharmaceutical Journalthe overall outcome was that Priadel 400mg tablets were “sustained release” but had the same release as Camcolit 400mg plain tablets (the comparator in the Priadel study), Camcolit 400mg was then labelled sustained-release too. It wasn’t, but if the release was identical to the so-called ‘sustained release tablet’,Stephen Bazire22 AUG 2020 

Final photograph: After 3 hours 40 minutes, the lithium carbonate is well dispersed, although seemingly not dissolved, in the water, while fully dissolved in the acidic vinegar.

A Different Approach – ToxaPrevent

After about 11 years med-free = no prescription medications at all, I accepted a prescribed antipsychotic drug to help me sleep. I have found that I sleep a little more when I take this, yet each day I am so very tired and doing (what seems to me) to be far too little.

TOXAPREVENT ‘Tim Animation’ – “Animation about the toxins, heavy metals and histamine that affect your digestive tract and skin.”

I have met with a nutritional therapist who has suggested that my troubles may be largely due to excess toxins. If this is so, then I need a way to get these toxins out of my body (and especially out of my brain). Can this be done?

Perhaps the best hope is with a product called ToxaPrevent(R). This film explains about toxins in the body and how ToxaPrevent may do exactly what I need it to do.

The instructions I have are to take both the powder (for detoxing from upper digestive system) and the capsule(s) (for detoxing from lower digestive system) 30 minutes before each meal.

I have just taken first dose of each, so now to cook, eat and see how I feel later.

Benefits of low level lithium supplementation

Consuming excessively large amounts of any minerals is going to be bad for us. Consuming a small amount is so often so good for us.

Is there an ideal amount of lithium to be consuming?

If you’ve been prescribed lithium carbonate for control of moods then the amount you are consuming will be close to what is considered a toxic level.

If you are eating mainly processed foods it is possible your intake of lithium will be too low! Really?

In the October 2016 issue of WDDTY magazine, pages 56 to 63, there is a detailed discussion of the advantages of using lithium as a supplement.

Areas explored include the protection of brain cells, lessening of joint pain, treatment of PTSD and alcoholism all using low doses of lithium carbonate or oratate.


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